Arya Tabandehpoor
From Bad Conditions It's been quite a while since my works haven't found their place on the wall, due to unfavorable circumstances." from bad conditions.2023
Time Space Possibility A motor, now apart from the machine, merely makes a sound.2021
Mold 2020
parallel lines 2019-2020
collapsed clouds Act of forgetting in these memories.2019
Hollow He calculated that he has 10,000 days left to live.2019
Day, Night, Noise An editing software corrects the errors to give us a fine image.2019
Connection The images are displayed in a public space, each one separately showing a part of nature2018
Retooling I put them into a machine that used to function as a part of a photo printing machine.2018
Corruption The pictures are repeated and rotated vertically and horizontally2018
Labyrinth We are contributing something to the big data every single day.2018
Skin The clear and the cloudy2017
Bone “Tapestry, I see tapestry,”2017
Flesh which reminded me of the dark room and the three stages of developing, stopping, and xing2017
Telenoia Somewhere out there, someone is clicking on your profile, viewing your images and videos, and learning about your life.2017
Humans I cut the resulting images and stick them to the glasses of the car.2015
Trees changing the way the photos would be seen.2015
Sleeps 2011-2014
Portraits I made pictures in my mind of the artists I have never met before. 2010-2014
Animals I started collecting broken iPhone 4 phones and put my roadkill photos into them.2010-2014
Coexistence we are not as close as all would like to think2009
Slides The most important thing for me about these photos is the full-of-object atmosphere that has been changed into timeless and placeless atmosphere with the deletion of the name and goal of the photographer(2011-2014)